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map programs

What is everyone using to provide store locations, just an address? a map? if a map, is there a map program you are using? I have used google maps the last few years and find it less than desirable.


  • In previous years, we would have to digitally hand-design a bare-bones map.

    This year, we've made a custom Google Map. By borrowing a few elements/layers from other pre-created bike maps, we've been able to add in bike lanes, and also overlay "point zones" based on distance. Very easy to mock up distances between your set stores, as well, if you're trying to calculate what the fastest route would be, etc.
  • I should have prefaced my above comment with "provide as much information as you feel appropriate for your ridership". I don't know if it is true for NYC now, but the original NYC manifests just had addresses on it for NYC couriers. You can do addresses, an actual map, both, or somewhere inbetween. We wanted our event in Philly to always be non-intimidating and accessible, so we've had at least a crude map since year 1. We added bike lanes on the map last year so as to be more out-of-town friendly.
  • I still make them figure it out on their own in New York :)

    Just a list of addresses. Of course, NYC is a giant grid, so it's pretty easy to know where you're going.
  • Memphis checking in, we give a list of addresses too. Some of them are way out in the sticks too...
  • I just provide the addresses in a list form, but I do print out some maps for those who are unfamiliar with the area. Most folks bring their phones and use google maps though. Not everyone has a phone of course so they ask for maps.
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