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Hey guys,

Down here in Australia we are even more litigious than the USA. Do any of you have public liability insurance for your event? I've put in an application with a broker who is looking into different policies for us.

The charity we are donating to is also looking into it, but they would rather the event not be run by them.

What do you all do?



  • I don't know about australia, but this is where I just got coverage for my afterparty space in NYC:

    it's probably not going to be too helpful for you, but maybe there's something in the FAQ that'll point you in the right direction
  • Ken, is this for coverage of the ride itself or just the afterparty?

    We (Philly) were talking last night and trying to figure out a way to cover our own just in case anything happens during the ride.
  • It's just for the afterparty. I haven't ever had to get that insurance before, but I changed venues this year, and they need that certificate. I don't even know how I'd go about covering the ride itself. I do have people sign a waiver though - it's something I modified from the waiver the Red Hook Crit uses.
  • In Portland we've aligned with an umbrella nonprofit organization - we're a "project" of that org so can use their insurance, tax ID number for donations that require one, etc.
  • We also have participants sign a waiver - one more thing to do, but I think it gets people into the correct mindset.
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