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Cranksgiving.org, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc  


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26/07/2019 9:51 am  

Cranksgiving.org, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

May 2015 in Organizing
I could really use some help with all of the social media & web presence. Everything I've got is mainly NYC-focused, but I'd like to change that. 

This is everything I've got:

Cranksgiving.org - the main site. I have dreams to create subdomains for every location, with all the info you need, but that's a large task. 

Cranksgiving.net (archived original Cranksgiving site from the semi-mythical Tone that I don't want to get rid of)

Cranksgiving.com (owned by someone else, but generously pointing to cranksgiving.org)

https://twitter.com/cranksgivingnyc  - The @cranksgiving handle can't be unlocked - I know who owns it, and he's completely willing to give it up, but since there's no way he can access the college email he used to set it up, there's no way twitter can release it - unless Cranksgiving becomes trademarked - which is another story entirely.



All of the social media can be much more active, but I just don't have the bandwidth to take care of all of it myself. I'm open to suggestions on how to make it all better, and any help that can be offered. Thanks!



    May 2015
    Hey ken - 

    We use a company called schedule-gram for instagram. We send them the content and the frequency and whatever caption or hashtags we would like to be accompanied on the photo. We use it a lot during the busy season when we have no time.  http://schedugr.am/

    we are also big on scheduling posts on our facebook time in advance. I usually take a day and schedule posts for the month, you can sent time and day as well as links and captions, etc. You can also link the accounts and have fb feed to twitter and what not.

    June 2015
    Ditto Ken's comment on using social media. We could use some help