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Online vs. in-person registration  


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26/07/2019 10:28 am  
October 2016 in Cranksgiving formats
I'm new to the whole Cranksgiving universe so I thought I'd start a discussion regarding registration. How do most of you handle it? Do you use an online form, like Eventbrite, or do you simply rely on day of registration?


    October 2016
    Day-of. The kinds of riders we target are the young urban cyclists, the courier crowd, etc.

    Online registration seems like a bit more suburban-charity-ride kind of thing, which is not exactly our flavor for Cranksgiving Philly, but definitely all-ears on how to attract that crowd as well. I think it's somewhat self-selecting because many of the suburban types are not comfortable riding in city traffic.

    Having online to guesstimate numbers of manifests/spokecards to prepare would be nice, but seems to make it unnecessarily complicated for us. We've been doing pretty good the past couple of years just scaling up a bit.

    November 2016
    In KC, we have coffee and doughnuts available while the riders fill out a simple registration and sign a waiver.

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03/12/2019 9:29 am  

We have always done the day of registration, but have been thinking about doing the online.  Not sure it would make a difference in the attendance. Maybe we will have to try online next year.  The last couple of years our registration was at a coffee house, and one year I had protein bars available for the riders, but no one took them.  Maybe I should try donuts...