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25/07/2019 5:08 pm  

Ken May 2015 in Sponsors

Sponsors are an essential part of promoting an event. From offsetting the (minimal) overhead to providing prizes & venues, these events don't go off without them. Let's talk about our best sponsors, help new rides get their own, and potentially coordinate nationally for everyone's benefit.


  • Ken May 2015
    Last year, I had some brief conversations with Amanda from Chrome's corporate offices, and we talked about ways to get involved in Cranksgiving more consistently. They've been on board since the very first event in 1999, and I get the feeling that they contribute to a large number of us every year. I haven't talked to them (or anyone) yet this year, but it'll be something on the table. Stay tuned.
  • JRozzi May 2015
    Our Hamptons Cranksgiving had no corporate sponsors, due to the fact that we had very limited time to pull everything together. When does everyone start reaching out to sponsors. We are a very seasonal area and were going to start reaching out after Labor Day. Thoughts?
  • Ken May 2015
    After labor day is pushing it for sponsors - I've found that a lot of times, they've already completed their sponsorship budget for the year at that point. That being said, I almost always start my outreach after labor day 🙂 On the other hand, I've got a good list of consistent sponsors I can count on from year to year.

    The earlier the better, usually. Product sponsorship (for prizes, etc) is usually easier than monetary sponsorship (to cover costs). If anyone's got some great advice on the latter, I'd love to hear it.
  • Sequim June 2015
    Our best sponsors are our two local bike shops: All Around Bikes and Bens Bikes and In Graphic Detail who does all of our printing. We get advertising support from our local newspapers: the Sequim Gazette and the Peninsula Daily News and all of the local coffee shops.
  • philly_crankster_CJ August 2015
    This might be a bit of a different angle, but does anyone have any advice for those burned-out by constantly sending out sponsorship emails?

    I tend to send anywhere from 15 to 35 sponsorship email requests every year to various companies and brands. Most are people who have sponsored us in the past, and many are first-timers that I now have a contact for. But as the years go on, some companies tend to no longer respond, and the ones who do continue to sponsor may send us fewer items.

    I know that sponsorship is good for publicity and can attract more riders. But that being said, there are times when I feel like we (in Philly) should eschew sponsorship entirely, and maybe make a few trophies for the podium places, and that's it. The heart of the event is the food collection and donation, and when I get inundated with emails, and making sure I send every single sponsor a hand-made thank you, a write-up, etc..... sometimes I feel like I am losing sight.

    Have any of the seasoned Cranksters noticed participation trends when it comes to more/less sponsors and prizes?
  • tom_mctighe August 2015
    CJ, I totally hear you! Setting up the publicity-for-swag exchange with company reps is a lot of work - is it worth it?

    I think it can potentially help knit together the bike scene and businesses, which could be very good in the long run. But like you say, it takes your eyes off the real prize - for us, the event is about individuals having fun and donating to homeless kids. Whether or not people leave with a nice bag/jersey/whatsit seems mostly beside the point, and the fun of the event itself might be enough to get people off their couches.

    A set of amazing, handmade trophies would be really cool.
  • Ken August 2015
    I'm 100% behind a sponsorless Cranksgiving. Tom hit the nail on the head. Cool prizes aren't really the point.

    That being said, I'm still doing my outreach for cool prizes. Last year, a corporate rep from Chrome asked if we could coordinate a more national sponsorship, since I think they get approached from 30 of us, plus or minus. After a couple emails in the past month, I haven't heard from her. She may not even be with the company any more. Anyone got a name of a rep at Chrome corporate (not Amanda Sundvor)?

    The other thing I'm working on is sponsor booths at the event. Last year, I had a couple people approach me out of the blue (David's Tea & ULiv Java). I let them set up at the start & finish, but this year, I'm going to charge $200/table to cover overhead, with the rest of it going to charity.
  • Ken October 2015
    If anyone wants a contact for their local Chrome distributor, I've been talking to a the person in charge of sponsorship at their corporate offices, and he offered to put any of you in touch with the right person. Just let me know.
  • PamelaMurray
    October 2015
    I've asked for a prize donation and the business has asked for a tax form for their accountant. Is there a tax id # for Cranksgiving?
  • Ken
    October 2015
    There is not, @PamelaMurray. But it is something that may be worked on for 2016
  • Patrick
    November 2015
    @pamelamurray a cash donation for who? The food pantry?
  • tom_mctighe November 2015
    We ended up going the route of asking for prize donations, but are concentrating on businesses we like. Hope everyone's having fun - my head was about to explode but now I've broken through the wall and all the organizing is like a game...going for the high score!
  • tparris November 2016
    We have the local bike shop and the local bank and then the local churchs and rest the community of bike riders and good folks

September 2017
Hi Crank'ers. For years now we've operated the Santa Fe Cranksgiving on the backs of grocery and convenience stores but without much engagement from them. (Bike shops on the other hand have been great supporters!) Just wondering if anyone has had success bringing their local grocers onboard with their event? Share your stories. We're looking for creative sponsorship ideas!